A surprise on my balcony.

A surprise on my balcony.

The beauty of nature. This is my first ‘Wow’ moment of the day.
I go out to measure the length of my balcony (a first attempt at one of my goals, i’ll explain later.) I look down and SURPRISE! I find this cluster of twigs with two perfect looking eggs resting inside. My initial, second of a thought, is Justin! My 7 year old son. Have you been at my eggs? Then i realise he rarely goes on the balcony and has been fascinated on the other side of the glass door, by the endless pigeons that have parked themselves there within the last week.
Now i can show him why.

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Introducing my translucent self.

First off, i have aptly named my Blog– My translucent self, because that is my goal. To welcome you into parts of my life, and allow you to get to know me. The inner me. The real me. Of course, i will hold some things back. I said translucent self. . . not transparent! (nudge and wink moment.) I have had great difficulty in projecting that side of me out onĀ  various social websites– that consists of family and close friends–mostly. So i am writing this, like nobody is reading, posting pictures, like nobody is looking, and opening up, like nobody cares, in the hope that somebody out there will catch drift of the essence of me.

I will share with you… my loves, my hates, my laughs, my cries, my, in the moments, moments, my goals, my ‘wow’ moments and my ‘Oh no’ moments. My wonderment’s and maybe even some moans–or not!! My first goal is to keep this positive, but i guess it’ll depend on the mood of that day. (sorry folks)

I look forward to getting to know you, as i hope you do me.

Take care


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Hello, i’m Claire. Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, i'm Claire. Welcome to my Blog!

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